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Charles and Candance B. (Orlando, FL)

When the shingles attacked my husbands right eye- he was in the most severe pain I have ever witnessed. A month later- when he was able to taper off of the pain meds- his vision was gone. It was what it was. We lost everything. For the past 7 years we have worked hard to stay the course. Always knowing that one day things will change.

Dr. Steve Stubis who we met at a family event and by chance or as we choose to believe was divinely appointment to sit next to us on the airplane ride back to Florida referred us to Dr. Gulani. After hearing our story- he passionately told us that if anyone could restore Chads vision-it would be Dr. Gulani.

Our experiences are amazing! Everyone is friendly, warm, professional and they know our names. We don’t have to sign in and take a seat. We are recognized as we enter the office. Wait times are very short and we get one on one time with Dr. Gulani every visit. His passion to make a difference in the lives of everyone he encounters is breathtaking and contagious! I wish that we had met him 7 years ago when our lives were completely changed by the shingles that caused the blindness in my husbands eye. But 7 years later we recognize the blessing God has provided through Dr. Gulani’s gift and passion to not settle for mediocrity!
After Lamellar Keratoplasty, vision is slowly being restored and we have hope.

Dr. Gulani is 2nd to none! Never have I had a doctor take the time to develop the trust, explain the procedure, and express the expectation that this will work. Although there may be complications- Dr. Gulani is not one to hold back out of fear or failure. He strives to be the best not for self gratification but to change lives and change the complacement thinking of todays medical practitioners.

Always & Forever,
Charles and Candance Began
Orlando, FL

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