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Cesar S. (Mexico)

My vision was very bad, my vision was blurry and that caused headaches and uncomfortable on my work.

I investigated during 4-6 months who can be able to attend my eye problems from previous RK (Radial Keratotomy) surgery, Dr.Gulani’s name kept coming up and after my research, I traveled to him from Mexico.

I feel very comfortable and I trust Dr. Gulani because he gave me the confidence I needed. He knows what he does. The eyes are very delicate part of our body and I trust in Dr. Gulani.

I feel more confidante now after his Advanced Laser ASA surgery and its like I have a new opportunity to continue and be better.

Dr. Gulani knows what he is doing , has skills, gives confidence to patient or persons who attend their case with him.

No doubt, will recommend persons I know from anywhere in the world to travel to him.

My pleasure Cesar Samaniego

Posted by Arun C. Gulani on Monday, November 16, 2020

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