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Carole M. (Dallas, TX)

I had no vision in my right eye making it very difficult to do small tasks at home and my daughter was always loving and caring to help me. I bumped into people which was very embarrassing, basically made me isolated feeling and should stay inside and out of public places.

I read an article in the News while waiting to have my lab done at a doctor’s office and was so impressed and asked to have a copy for my records. I knew at once that I had to go to Dr. Gulani, it was my choice over the ophthalmologist in that office itself.

My experience at GVI  was the most professional and caring place I have ever known, calling you by name and never forgetting who you are.

Words cannot ever express my feelings about the most caring, considerate, intelligent physician in the world, that doctor is Dr. Gulani!

He performed the World’s First Partial DSAEK transplant in my blind, RK (Radial Keratotomy) eye. I was blind and now I see. A whole new life lies in front of me which I owe completely to Dr. Gulani.

Dr. Gulani is such a caring person who wants the very best vision for every individual. He is a most educated doctor who patiently educates his patients. His surgical skills are beyond anything imaginable, thanks to God for this man.

I would most definitely recommend other patients. There is no other for anyone who wants their vision restored. Everyone at GVI is truly a blessing!

Carole M.
Dallas, TEXAS

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