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Carlo M. (Manchester, UK)

My vision was very bad in one eye (+3.00) due to my previous Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery which led to imbalanced vision making it difficult to get the correct perspective even with glasses the vision was distorted. This made me lose confidence as I could not work efficiently and effectively.

Thorough extensive research of previous RK complications and treatments,  I was convinced by that Dr. Gulani’s abilities and credentials (World Class Surgeon) were ideal  to treat my complex condition and I travelled from Manchester, UK.

Dr.Gulani is Very friendly, very reassuring. I liked Dr. Gulani’s very personable approach.

I believe Dr. Gulani is a World class physician who takes immense pride in his work in “Taking on the most complex of cases”. I believe he is literally saving the lives/souls and rejuvenating people’s vision making them whole again.

He first corrected my  Dry eyes with the MGP procedure and then performed a customized Lens exchange surgery (Refractive Cataract surgery) and I am already seeing Fantastic- my ‘balanced’ vision will allow me to be so much more confident and I am hopeful that I can continue to manage my dry eye also. I’m truly grateful for Dr. Gulani.

I think Dr.Gulani is leading edge and fearless. He’s exactly what one needs when facing such complex issues. His passion to educate other physicians is clear and is fantastic that he wishes to educate other doctors for the benefit of patients who are troubled by the state of their vision.
I Definitely will Refer people worldwide to him! ☺ Thank you Dr. Gulani and all the staff at GVI It was worth the trip from the U.K.

Carlo M.
Manchester,  U.K

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