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Brittany D.

 I had very poor vision – extreme Near-sightedness and Astigmatism. As a swimmer, I was told not to wear contacts in the pool, but I had to anyway. I was also not always the most conscientious about cleaning my contacts and not sleeping with my contacts in – especially when I was younger.

My sister had a good experience with her Advanced Laser Vision surgery at Gulani Vision Institute, so I decided to have it myself.
My experience at GVI was Very positive. I was nervous but I trusted Dr. Gulani could fix my eyesight.
Dr. Gulani is very personable, friendly and approachable.
Best $6000 I have ever or will ever, spend.
Dr. Gulani’s Advanced Laser Vision Surgery (ASA) has resulted in 20/20 vision for me.
I live out of state, so after my surgery I went to see a local doctor for my checkup. At first my regular eye doctor was skeptical as he believed that he would have difficulty getting in touch with any patient’s surgeon after their surgery. 
Dr. Gulani called and spoke with my  local doctor over the phone during and after my exam. When my doctor came back into the room, his skepticism was gone. He told me that he had never spoken with any other Lasik surgeon over the phone before. He appeared pleased and impressed.
I shall Absolutely refer patients to Dr.Gulani.
Brittany D


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