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Where every EYE has a chance!

Almost a decade after the incredible results of my husband’s eye surgery by Dr. Gulani (which other doctors said could not be done), today day one after my surgery, I am proud to be a member of Arun’s worldwide legacy of incredible outcomes, unparalleled care, and out of the world facility and achieved 20/20 vision.
Giving every EYE an opportunity, Dr.Gulani envisions a world of perfect vision for everyone.
I believe that this level of care and outcome should be the standard of care in the world.

Yesterday was a milestone day for us. Terry got up the morning after his Cataract / Lens implant surgery and he is like a new man. Now with both eyes done… No glasses!!! It’s the little things like being able to see the labels on the little hotel amenity bottles. That was his first WOW moment. Now he is like a little kid. “look at this…i can see that…” It fills my heart with joy. We are deeply grateful to, and for, the surgeon who took such great care of Terry, especially considering the difficulties presented by his previous retina surgery. Dr. Arun Gulani of the Gulani Vision Institute is an absolute anomaly in medicine today. Not only is he THE best, but he, and his staff, treats you with warmth, respect and patience. If you want the best in care, Gulani is the surgeon you want. If you want the best in integrity, Gulani is the man you want. I simply cant say enough.

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