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Barbara M. (Kansas City)

My vision was very poor due to the cataract and in addition my previous Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery. Made it difficult to do my job at Northeastern Mutual. 

I did a lot of research as my first eye had surgery with a local eye surgeon and it did not do well. Was unable to get the care I needed from my home town surgeons in Kansas City, MO.  I travelled to Dr.Gulani

At GIV, everything is Excellent. I felt very comfortable and confident in Dr Gulani. 

Dr.Gulani was so thoughtful  not only in how he would approach to treat the eye but my comfort zone and how it would affect me financially. 

I am so happy with the results. Seeing better than I have since the cataracts became a problem.

Dr.G is Top notch. Would recommend anyone on the internet and ask me any questions they might have.

Absolutely will refer everyone from all over the country. 

I will be writing a letter to the surgeon who did surgery on the left eye, to tell him there are other options besides using a contact lens when the vision did not clear up after he removed the cataract on the left eye. Learn from Dr.Gulani!

Barbara M.

Kansas City


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