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Augustin L.

My vision from 1-10, 10 being the best. I was a 4 at night specially, its very hard to drive, blurry and was getting worse every day and the appearances. People look at you and always asked what’s that in your eye. Low self-esteem.

I was referred to GVI from a friend that I worked with named Tito Chan who was also a very satisfied patient of Dr. Gulani. It was 3 days before my scheduled surgery with another Dr. The other Dr. that was about to do surgery wasn’t so sure, not confident, poor communication. No passion, for giving the patient the optimal outcome.
My experience at GVI was awesome. I was overwhelmed with the degree of expertise, passion, energy, Dr. Gulani exhibited for his work, and his patients, beginning when I met the support staff at the reception desk. I was treated like family from the beginning to the end.
When I asked my coworker about the result of the procedure. I knew right there. I wanted to see Dr. Gulani because I saw the result right in front of my eyes. I had a good feeling about him that He is the Dr. that will do my surgery.
After surgery, I’m very pleased with the outcome. My feelings with Dr. Gulani is a very genuine, real person. Its really hard to described in one word. You have to be in a position to really experienced Dr. Gulani. He is in Top of his profession always moving forward, for the benefit of the WORLD.
Augustin L.

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