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Attorney Sarah A. (London)

My dry eyes were uncomfortable and my pinguecula often irritated me.  This was particularly uncomfortable at work.

I hear about Dr. Gulani through extensive research and decided to travel to him from London after reading the numerous testimonials and a personal conversation with him on telephone.

My experience at GVI has been excellent.  Everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Gulani has made time out of his busy schedule to make sure I fully understood the various options.

Dr. Gulani is extremely professional and helpful.  I feel that he has really listened to my concerns and has not pushed any procedures on me.  Very impressed.

He initiated my dry eye treatment and I am relieved much of the dry eye symptoms.

Dr. Gulani is very personable and appears very competent and professional.

I certainly will refer everyone I know from Europe to  Dr.Gulani.

Attorney Sarah A.
London, England


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