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Attorney Marina D. (Houston, TX)

My vision was atrocious due to my previous RK (Radial Keratotomy) surgery. I couldn’t see the computer screen well.

As an Attorney, my job requires a lot of research and writing and it was very difficult to focus. I wasn’t able to drive at night due to starburst and double vision. I couldn’t see at night and was in a constant state of depression.

A good friend of mine who I trust immensely (Who is also an Attorney in Texas with previous RK surgery) had found Dr. Gulani and after she had surgery with him, she ranted and raved about what he could do for me and what he had done for her.

Dr.Gulani is very thorough and you could see he cared to make it work. His skills are amazing. My condition and RK incisions were many. He worked tirelessly to find a solution and to help me regain vision.

He’s a SAVANT, definitely one of a kind in his profession.

I can live again and look forward to having a life after I get home from work and its dark outside.

Once again, he’s definitely one of a kind. A savant in his field. A visionary if you will.

Of course, I shall refer people to him without hesitation.

Attorney Marina D.
Houston, TEXAS

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