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Arthur S. (Charlotte, NC)

My vision was poor at night; Problems reading quality of vision changed throughout the Day; Difficulty fitting eyeglasses. I had previous Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery and now had cataracts with high astigmatism

After my research, I decided to travel to Dr.Gulani. 

At GVI, Overall-great; Staff is kind and generous.

Dr. Gulani is extremely knowledgeable! Very gracious and humble. 

He performed a customized cataract surgery for me using new generation lens implants despite my RK incisions  and I can actually see now. The visiting surgeons who witnessed my surgery could not stop talking about their admiration

His skills and personal care are Excellent! Outstanding

Anyone with similar eye problems/complications related to mine like previous RK surgery must travel to him. 

Arthur S.

Charlotte, North Carolina 


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