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Anusha M.

I had a chalazion inside the bottom eyelid. It does impact on life looking very ugly, and I wanted to get it taken care of.

Through my husband, I was referred to GVI.

My experience was good. Dr. Gulani is very particular about curing this chalazion. He gives plenty of time.

Dr. Gulani is a wonderful and talented eye surgeon. There is no doubt about it. No words to express his talent.

My vision is good, but there is still a lump under the eye lid after the surgery. As per doctors advice, I am
following warm compressions every day. Lets look to see how many months it takes to go away completely.

Dr. Gulani’s skills are extraordinary. He boosts the confidence levels for patients.

I will Definitely refer others to GVI.

Anusha M.
Jacksonville, FL

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