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Angie C. (Dental Assistant)

My vision was very bad!! I have keratoconus since I was 14 I was very scared of the surgery and could not trust any eye surgeon including one I had worked for previously.Being in the medical field myself, I did a lot of research and found Dr.Gulani. When I met him, I felt that trust and we did the INTACS surgery. Everything looks better and better now.

I can just say Dr. Gulani is the best!! And thanks!!

I’m very grateful with him, I feel so good that I want to fix my other eye… I didn’t expect this much success, so what can I say I feel glad and grateful

Dr.Gulani knows what he is doing!! That’s why you can feel so much trust with him.

I will surely refer all my medical friends to him!! And I will!!

Angie C.
Jacksonville, FL


Dr Arun C. Gulani took my keratoconus eyes to 20/20 without glasses with his uniquely designed surgery. It is shocking to see how most other keratoconus patients are offered transplant or hard contact lenses. They need to fly to Dr Gulani and get the vision they deserve. LIKE I DID!

Angie C.
Jacksonville, FL

KERATOCONUS to 20/20: #gulanibeyond2020

Posted by Gulani Vision Institute on Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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