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Andrew S.

I had Fuchs disease and had cataract surgery which caused me to lose my vision in my eye therefore there were many things I could not do.

When I was told by my eye surgeon that following my cataract surgery, my cornea was permanently damaged; my wife asked her ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) who he would consider working on his (doctor’s) cornea if he needed someone. He recommended Dr. Gulani.
I have been treated with the utmost care and respect by all whom I have been in contact. Dr. Gulani has the beset doctor/patient relationship I have ever known. It is hard to explain unless you have experienced it.
Dr. Gulani is the most concerned with patient/doctor contact that I have ever been treated by. He is so “one on one” with his patients that you feel like you are the “only” patient he has. His knowledge and techniques are admired by many people.
The fact that I can “see” the world again is beyond description.
I am anxiously awaiting treatment on my right eye. My future vision is in his and God’s hands. His personal involvement with me and my vision is beyond expressing.
I shall Absolutely recommend him, I have already been singing his expertise and results to any one needing eye surgery.
Andrew S.
Jacksonville, Florida

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