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Andrew C.

 I was legally blind, every aspect of my life was different. I had Fuchs dystrophy along with cataracts and Astigmatism.

2 of my friends spoke very highly of Dr. Gulani, I came here because of Dr. Gulani’s excellence.

At GVI, I have had an amazingly positive experience

Dr. Gulani is Strong , kind, caring, all the things you want in your doctor. He is an amazing surgeon, makes me feel  confident the entire time.


My vision is still improving, life is looking good

I have already recommended Dr. Gulani to several people, friends &Clients, and I will continue to do so.


While leading eye surgeons worldwide may still debate about what to call my kind of elegant transplant from DSAEK to DMEK , Dr.Gulani continues to teach by example, seemingly eons ahead achieving 20/20 with transplants.
Today, I’m yet another one of his many Living examples of his desire for his patients to have perfect vision and yes I went from 20/200 to 20/20 without glasses following endothelial transplants in both my eyes and my eyes also had dense cataracts and Irregular Astigmatism.
I kept my confidence in him and he delivered what he is World Renown for.

Arun C. Gulani you do so much for so many. Blessings to you, your family, your office and surgical staff and to all who find there way to Gulani Vision Institute.


Andrew C.
Massage Therapist 

Atlantic Beach, FL 

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