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Ameeta S. (Montreal, Canada)

After RK surgery 25 years back, I went legally blind in my right eye.  I am hoping to see now.

I was impressed by all different treatments Dr. Gulani did for his patients, besides healing corneal scar, I think he is the only Dr. we who does this.

My experience at GVI has been Amazing. The procedure was so smooth, short and pain free.

Dr. Gulani is so confident about his plans and he knows what he wants to do and what he is doing. His ethics are amazing. He answers every question, takes time to explain his procedures and results expected. Meeting Dr. Gulani is like seeing a family member.

Dr. Gulani builds trust by explaining the procedure in detail. Never seen a Dr. who calls his patients personally to ask how are you feeling.

Ameeta Abu Shamat
Cambridge, Ontario CANADA

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