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Alicia Y. (California)

I had pinguecula in both my eyes and they were growing so fast that it’s bothering me every day, and I’m always worried that do I have to live with this forever until I found Dr. Gulani.

My research and internet reviews convinced me to travel to Florida to see him.

At GVI, everything is Wonderful. The staff are very nice/very professional.

“Dr. Gulani is a HERO to me.”

He cares so much about his patients that he even came on Sunday to see me. I’m so much happier. My eyes look bright and white again

Dr. Gulani is the best, he treats us like family , being an educator he really knows what he’s doing.

 I shall absolutely refer people to fly to him and inf act, my husband is coming to him for his Lasik surgery

Ms. Alicia Y.

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