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Alan S. (Texas)

My vision was Very bad and restricting especially since my previous RK surgery had left me uncorrectable.

I researched for the best and searched online too. One name kept coming up; Dr.Gulani. After reading about him and reviewing his work, I decided to fly to Jacksonville, Florida.

I was nervous at first, but turned out excellent. Everyone at GVI is  very nice and professional. 

Dr. Gulani is Passionate in pursuit of perfection; extremely  professional. He did what all eye surgeons who had seen me said was impossible to do.

I see light at the end of tunnel,  in another words, hope where I had none before.

“Dr.Gulani’s Skills are excellent and top that with his personal touch, hours of care and follow up: In one word Awesome !”

I am absolutely referring everyone I know to him. Travel to Jacksonville for the best eye surgeon in the world.

Alan S.

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