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Ahsan K. (Qatar)

I being a pilot, have always been aware of the importance of decision for laser surgery with regards to myopia (farsightedness). Never been fan of glasses but the bad experience of people with conventional Lasik surgeries never convinced me enough to consider it. Until, one day, in a facebook group of pilots a guy who had suffered a bad experience mentioned that he was able to get his eyes treated again by Dr Gulani who cleared up the mess created by other Drs.

From then on, I got Dr Gulani’s facebook and stalked him for nearly 5 years until I decided to push my surgery with him when I got to know he has his own invented LaserPlastique (no blade no flap) surgery. The confidence he radiated towards his patients and success stories from his talks, enabled me to approach him directly. He turned out a humble and down to earth man with accommodating me in his schedule and in my range understanding exactly what I wanted. Meeting him was no less than a fan moment when he came out to greet me himself and I was blown away with his not typical Dr attitude but that of a friend who’s really thinking best about you.

I got my procedure done and first thing I did was to see the clouds lining without glasses.

I just feel if World’s Drs can get 25% of Gulani attitude, the real sanctity of this profession would be realised.

-Ahsan K.(Qatar)

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