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Adelaida M. (Spain)

I felt completely hopeless with my glasses since I depended on them so much. Contacts were my only option but even they became unbearable once allergy season came along.

My mother’s ICU nurse referred me to Dr. Gulani. I decided to come because of how highly she spoke of him. When she told me she was nearly blind but he restored her vision, I was sold.

My experience at GVI has been Wonderful. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Dr. Gulani is an extremely professional and passionate about his work.

I’ll be forever grateful because I can enjoy life so much more now after astigmatism surgery.

Dr. Gulani is an excellent doctor. He takes the time to explain what is doing and why which is almost unheard of nowadays. He called personally to check on me after surgery and I appreciated that as that showed he cared about my wellbeing.

I will definitely refer others to GVI!!!

Adelaida M.

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