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Tears Enhancing Drops

Among Dr. Gulani’s proprietary m.o.i.s.t.TM therapy treatments, tear enhancing drops play an important role in increasing pure tear volume either directly or indirectly. These tear enhancing drops are classified firstly on whether they are medicated or nonmedicated and further classified by their chemical (i.e. with or without preservatives) and physical properties (viscosity, osmolarity).

Included in the nonmedicated tear enhancing drops are artificial tears. Based on the physical and chemical status of your tears Dr. Gulani individualizes the selection of various brands (i.e. Refresh, Systane, Retaine, Lacri-Lube, Rohto, Blink) for your particular therapy. All of these lubricant drops provide hydration to the eye to provide relief and protection.

Two of the most commonly used medicated tear enhancing drops are Restasis and Xiidra. Predominately medicated eye drops target inflammation in the eye to relieve feelings of achy, gritty, itchy, and burning eyes. Again, these medications can be used by themselves or with other aspects of the m.o.i.s.t.TM therapy approach.

In some more extreme cases there are even prescription lubricants such as Lacrisert that can be inserted in the eye to provide relief for dry eyes for up to 24 hours. This medication dissolves over the course of the day to stabilize and thicken the tear film of the eye.

Patients own blood serum can also be processed and made into drops. Studies have shown that this serum is able to help patients with chronic dry eyes with specific indications more than others.

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