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Combination Surgery

Dry eyes could be associated with a number of pathologies including pinguecula, pterygium, conjunctivochalasis (mechanical dry eye). It could also be an associated problem in patients seeking vision corrective surgery like NexGen Lasik, premium Cataract surgery, keratoconus correction, etc.

Many of these patients are therefore told they are “not a candidate.” Over three decades Dr. Gulani has successfully addressed dry eyes in these patients using his proprietary m.o.i.s.t.TM therapy concepts to then proceed with successful pinguecula or pterygium surgery and also turn these “not a candidate” patients into “candidates” for vision corrective surgery like NexGen Lasik or premium Cataract surgery.

So not only can patients suffering from dry eyes be given the opportunity to look good (with pinguecula, pterygium, or red eye surgery) and see good (NexGen Lasik, Cataract) but also those patients who may have had dry eyes as a side effect or complication of vision corrective surgery (i.e. Lasik) have also been successfully helped.

In summary then dry eye therapy (the Gulani m.o.i.s.t.TM therapy can be used to prepare a patient for surgical candidacy and also correct those patients with surgical complications as a combination approach in simultaneous or staged protocols.

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