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 Dr. Gulani performs LASIK Surgery as an ART. With over 23 Lasik techniques including technology combinations, he is committed to ensure that his patients clearly understand the underlying logic behind his approach to Laser Vision Surgery and not be confused about all the hype around Lasik.



Read Dr. Gulani's concepts of LASIK Surgery in the Medical Media


Since the curvature or shape of your cornea decides, in most cases, whether you are nearsighted (steep curvature), farsighted (flat curvature) or have astigmatism (football shape as oppo

sed to a basketball shape), we use a variety of treatments to reshape the cornea using an invisible, painless, highly accurate and computerized laser.

The entire range of procedures to reshape the cornea using an Excimer Laser is called Laser Vision Surgery.

Lasik (Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis), SBK (Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis), BladeLess Lasik, LASEK (Laser Epithelial in Situ Keratomileusis), Epi-Lasik (Epithelial flap Lasik), PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy) and ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation) are all variant forms of Laser Vision Surgery used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Custom Lasik or Custom Laser Vision Surgery is a technological advance in Laser Vision Surgery using 3-Dimensional measurements (wavefront technology) of how you eye interprets and projects images to guide the Excimer Laser in reshaping your cornea. The Wavefront technology allows for greater accuracy in the corrective prescription and the delivery of treatment.

The Lasik Surgery

Dr. Gulani does not approach laser vision surgery as a “cookie cutter” procedure. He approaches it as an art, which demands careful selection and skillful execution. He offers the entire range of surgeries to best suit your individual eyes and vision goals.

Generally, Lasik surgery involves making a flap in the cornea, like a page in a book, and then reshaping the underlying cornea with a laser. The flap can be made with a blade or a laser, and can be of different thickness or size depending on what is best for your eyes.

Lasik Variants

Several variant ways of doing Lasik have been devised to accommodate people who have thinner corneas or high astigmatism. They feature different ways of creating the corneal flap, or can even avoid cutting a flap all together.

“I wasn’t ready for Lasik surgery until I met Dr. Gulani and I’m glad I waited. I recommend him to patients daily,” - Dr. Cindy Couzens (Eye doctor)

Pentacam Tomography System

Dr. Gulani incorporated the first Pentacam Tomography in Northeast Florida. All Lasik surgeons measure the corneal curvature, but Dr. Gulani uses the Advanced Computerized Pentacam analysis system, which enables him to do a highly sophisticated study of the corneal topographical maps, and to detect any problem areas or pathology which would disqualify a person for Lasik.

Pathology can be present on either the front side or back side of the cornea. Dr. Gulani’s Pentacam and its software give him a 3-dimensional image of both these corneal surfaces, in just two or three seconds. This is like a CT Scan of the cornea, and allows him to choose his Lasik patients with increased precision. Lasik is not safe for everyone, and excellent patient screening is possible with Dr. Gulani’s Pentacam system.

With the detailed information available from the Pentacam, Dr. Gulani can not only work with excellent Lasik candidates, but can also plan post-Lasik procedures, if any are desired. This tends to increases his patients’ safety and satisfaction.

For More Information

Please see our Lasik Questions page for more detail on many aspects of vision correction.

On the Quiz Your Surgeon page you can pick up some good questions to ask if you are in the process of choosing a Lasik surgeon.

Like all surgery, a Lasik procedure brings some risk. You can minimize that by choosing a high-quality eye surgeon like Dr. Gulani, who has a great deal of experience in managing Lasik complications.

If you are wondering whether Lasik or one of its variants is a good option for you, please see our page on Is Lasik For You? There are links there to related pages.

If you are looking for a highly-qualified and experienced Lasik surgeon, you could not come to a better place. Dr. Gulani teaches Lasik to other eye surgeons and his articles have been published in both print and digital formats.

We welcome you to the Gulani Vision Institute and will be happy to schedule a personal consultation for you.
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