He has gold heart, gold hands Svetlana Sarlovska, Latvia
He is not for the Money; Attorney Lee, Florida
World's best & so personal Pilot Joe, Canada
At GVI, its like family; Kishan, New York
Worth the Travel Meg, Japan
Intensely passionate to make me see; Anette, South Africa
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Its Dr.Gulani at every visit Raul, Portugal
8 years later, still knows my name Hunter, New Mexico
Whole family had amazing outcomes Juan, Puerto Rico
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An Artist for your vision Michelle, France
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Dr. Magic Judy, Ponte Vedra
The World’s Eye doctor Bay, Vietnam
No eye is "Routine"! Carl, Cuba
Corrected my surgeon’s complication; Ann, Saudi Arabia
Master Surgeon, Teacher, Visionary Dr. Aphorn, Thailand
Impatient to share his expertise Dr. Mike, London
His VISION has no limits Rafael, Brazil
Terrific Surgeon-Caring Human Yadav, Singapore
No Fluff, No Hype- The real thing! Jolstein, Norway
An Inspiration for all Nora, Switzerland
If it can be done, he can do it; Mel, Alaska
Eye surgeon of Movie stars; Lorrie, California
Only Dr.G for my eyes Martha, Hawaii
He is Number ONE Deane Beman, PGA tour
daVinci of eye surgery Susan, Germany
No deals, No games, Pasion unleashed; Dickie, Miami
High Tech & High Touch; Officer Barry, Boston
A Beacon in Medicine; Allan, Chicago
Indebted forever Caesar, Mexico
Dr.GQ, Elegance in VISION Eric, DC

Ryan F.

I was at the point where I was going to require bifocals. I do a few things that require eye protection; sporting eye-ware, construction safety glasses, sunglasses; the prospect of getting prescription glasses for all of these was financially daunting and was getting to be a pain to keep up with. Changing from regular glasses to safety glasses every time I went on a job site or played sports was becoming impacting when I could see well without prescription safety glasses. The impact is very significant for me.

Dr. Gulani fixed my brother, Rodney Fryman’s eyes and his astigmatism was much worse than mine. I new if he could fix my brother Rodney’s eyes, he could probably give me x-ray vision.
From the minute I walked in the door for my incredibly thorough, free consultation, I was very impressed with everything about Dr. Gulani’s practice. In fact, even before I came in, Dr. Gulani’s website had already blown me away. Not only was it thorough and informative and educational, there were many testimonials, one of which was my own brother. After the impressive website, it only got better.

Dr. Gulani’s staff is the best that I have encountered in any doctors office of any kind. Every staff member I encountered was friendly, most efficient, professional and just plain friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I actually looked forward to coming for appointment just to see everyone again! And that’s not all, Dr. Gulani’s office is very well kept and has great furnishings and equipment. It is clear the Dr. Gulani provides the best of every aspect of patient care, without a single detail missed. I have never known anyone who could get so many things so right and I really want to know how he does it, so I can apply it to my own business.


Dr. Gulani is a consummate professional in every way. I can’t imagine any healthcare professional who has been more personable and spent so much time to be sure that all of my questions were answered and all of my concerns alleviated. And Dr. Gulani is just a very nice.
I love not having to deal with my glasses anymore. I can see everything I need to see to do my job and then some. I’m very excited about the impact this has on my everyday life; business and personal.
The actually surgery was the most uneventful part of this experience. I wasn’t nervous and I didn’t feel anything, and it was over in only a few minutes. I know exactly what was going to happen and the process was impressive to experience, from an engineer’s perspective.
I already have and would recommend patients from anywhere in the world to come to GVI. I have told many of my friends and colleagues that have an interest at all in vision correction to come for the consultation and assured them that they would be impressed.
Ryan Fryman
Jacksonville, Florida

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