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Dr. Magic Judy, Ponte Vedra
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No eye is "Routine"! Carl, Cuba
Corrected my surgeon’s complication; Ann, Saudi Arabia
Master Surgeon, Teacher, Visionary Dr. Aphorn, Thailand
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A Beacon in Medicine; Allan, Chicago
Indebted forever Caesar, Mexico
Dr.GQ, Elegance in VISION Eric, DC

Hank T.

I have no idea what the numbers were but I could not see clearly for any distance without glasses or contact lenses. I’m a private pilot and planning flights that transitioned from day to night required an extra measure of attention to be sure that I carried the appropriate eye wear. I work in front of a computer almost all day and wearing contacts caused my eyes to get dry and tired early and often. For outdoor activities I would always have to be sure to carry a spare pair of contact lenses or glasses in the event of an incident rendering the pair I was wearing ineffective. During scuba diving I would not have any corrected vision.  I was referred to Gulani Vision Institute by my primary care physician as part of an annual diabetic ophthalmic exam. To retain my airmen medical certificate I wanted to have the best available information included in my medical records.  


My experience at Gulani Vision Institute was nothing short of excellent from the moment I walked in the door the first time. Every member of the staff is courteous and professional. Each visit I was greeted by name with a smile and every question I had was addressed promptly and completely. The care and attention provided by everyone is superior. On the day following my lasik surgery I had, in specific contradiction to the information I was given, taken a narcotic pain reliever without eating and began experiencing the ill affects of that decision while in route to my appointment. The staff members were quick to provide me with a small snack and beverage and made sure I was comfortable. They even had Dr. Gulani’s wife, a family physician with her practice in the same building, come look on me to make sure everything was okay.  


As for Dr. Gulani, What can I say? I’m in love! Seriously though, I was very skeptical and slightly apprehensive about submitting to Eye Surgery. I work in a profession that requires me to be able to see well and I also enjoy activities in my personal life such as flying and golf where poor vision is prohibitive of participating. Dr. Gulani provided me with a lot of information as well as a positive outlook that relieved my anxiety and contributed to my decision to undergo the procedure. His friendly and professional demeanor made him easy to approach and allowed me to feel at ease. And man is he a snappy dresser!  J  Wow! That about sums it up. I honestly didn’t realize how much time was consumed each day with inserting, removing and caring for my contact lenses. And not having to clean my eyeglass lenses constantly? Priceless! To be able to see well without any artificial assistance is a real joy.

Dr. Gulani helped me set my expectations for life after surgery but I must say that my experience has exceeded them. Because of the approach we decided on for the surgery I knew I would need to wear reading glasses once my eyes healed. I should probably be wearing reading glasses while typing this email but the reality of the situation is that I can see well enough without them.I wouldn’t want to read a novel or even the newspaper but my near vision is even functionally better than expected. I’m not easily impressed but the speed and accuracy of Dr. Gulani during the surgery blew me away. Even though I had been told how long the procedure would take it was still nearly unbelievable how quickly and easily it all progressed. Dr. Gulani spent a lot of time answering a seemingly unending stream of questions from me. He made sure that he addressed every concern of mine and went the extra mile to provide a full scope of information to make informed decisions. Dr. Gulani always greeted me by name with a smile and handshake and made me feel as though I was his only patient.


 I am already recommending others for the best eye care in the world 

 Hank T. – PILOT &   Sr. Software Engineer.  CSX. Jacksonville, Florida


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