He has gold heart, gold hands Svetlana Sarlovska, Latvia
He is not for the Money; Attorney Lee, Florida
World's best & so personal Pilot Joe, Canada
At GVI, its like family; Kishan, New York
Worth the Travel Meg, Japan
Intensely passionate to make me see; Anette, South Africa
Mo more Dry Eyes Ruby, Hong Kong
Its Dr.Gulani at every visit Raul, Portugal
8 years later, still knows my name Hunter, New Mexico
Whole family had amazing outcomes Juan, Puerto Rico
Truly the Surgeon's Surgeon Dr.Martin, Australia
An Artist for your vision Michelle, France
Man of Vision Times Union
Bruce Lee of Eye Surgery Dr.Jay, Virgin Isles
Mozart of eye Surgery Dr.Wang, Tennessee
I Salute Dr.Gulani; Dr. Leon, Texas
Amazing experience, Out of the WORLD Brad, Prague
Dr. Magic Judy, Ponte Vedra
The World’s Eye doctor Bay, Vietnam
No eye is "Routine"! Carl, Cuba
Corrected my surgeon’s complication; Ann, Saudi Arabia
Master Surgeon, Teacher, Visionary Dr. Aphorn, Thailand
Impatient to share his expertise Dr. Mike, London
His VISION has no limits Rafael, Brazil
Terrific Surgeon-Caring Human Yadav, Singapore
No Fluff, No Hype- The real thing! Jolstein, Norway
An Inspiration for all Nora, Switzerland
If it can be done, he can do it; Mel, Alaska
Eye surgeon of Movie stars; Lorrie, California
Only Dr.G for my eyes Martha, Hawaii
He is Number ONE Deane Beman, PGA tour
daVinci of eye surgery Susan, Germany
No deals, No games, Pasion unleashed; Dickie, Miami
High Tech & High Touch; Officer Barry, Boston
A Beacon in Medicine; Allan, Chicago
Indebted forever Caesar, Mexico
Dr.GQ, Elegance in VISION Eric, DC

Coach Lance B.


Before visiting Dr. Gulani, I suffered from severe myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. As an active student and runner, I was unable to live my life with the freedom and convenience I desired. Due to the fact that contacts were not the answer because of the shape of my cornea I was forced to wear glasses at all times under all circumstances. This was not conducive for someone who is always involved in the world of sports and especially marathon training.

Schoolwork had become more about “what is that word?” instead of “what does that word mean” or “how does it apply to this situation?” I found it difficult to study for long periods of time without receiving headaches due to my glasses. I lacked confidence to certain degree because I was always forced to wear glasses.

I was referred to Dr. Gulani by my physician. After researching Dr. Gulani and meeting him in person, I knew this was going to be an amazing experience.

In one word I can sum up my experience- Unbelievable. Less than a year ago achieving a laser vision correction seemed a far reach now, it is here with amazing results. Gulani Vision Institute and its staff have by far exceeding any expectation I would have and did have. From his staff to Dr. Gulani, I knew I was a part of a team that cared about me and knew what was best for me and my vision.

Dr. Gulani is perhaps one of the most intriguing if not brilliant people I have ever met. His level of knowledge and expertise is first-class and is matched by his personable charm. A visit to Dr. Gulani is a life changing experience- he makes you appreciate what you vision truly means in your life. There is no doubt he is a leader, a surgeon, a humanitarian, and above all friend.

I approach the upcoming years of my life with encouragement and promise. More so than simply the fact that I can see well on my own, I have been revived in the idea that medicine still changes lives on a daily basis.

Dr.Gulani’s skills are second to none. I seriously doubt that there are many eye specialists that can be compared to Dr. Gulani.

His surgical skills seem impeccable and I have learned a wealth of knowledge about my vision and vision is general that has sparked a life of learning that already exists in other areas. As mentioned before, Dr. Gulani in essence has become much more than a doctor- I am truly honored to think of him as a friend who would be willing to help in any way he could.

I would recommend Dr. Gulani to patients worldwide without a moment’s hesitation. You will hard pressed to find better care anywhere. From the level of Dr. Gulani’s talent to the friendly atmosphere you will not be disappointed. Dr. Gulani will know what is best for you and you can trust him to not lead you astray. He is there for you -not to make money.

His purpose appears pure and legitimate-to literally help people and perhaps inspire along the way.

- Lance Burbank

Gainesville, Florida
University of Florida- Volley Ball Coach

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