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No Cataract Surgery is “routine”

Sharing my patient from today among many we did with multiple complexities as I encouraged observing Eye surgeons not to get overwhelmed due to number of difficulties the patient may present but to be focused on the outcome of perfect 20/20.

I do not believe any cataract surgery is “routine” because then you may perform surgery as a “routine” and no patient deserves “routine” vision.

Debbie traveled to us from the Washington DC/Virginia area due to complex PSC cataracts with #keratokonus with irregular #astigmatism along with nystagmus blepharo and facial spasms with a desire to have no anesthesia which is usually my recommended technique anyways.

Sharing my two handed technique for such patients and more importantly the focus of being very nimble with movements and yet very precise in actions to bring forth a delivery not only of being painless in Surgery but also delivery of perfect outcomes.

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