He has gold heart, gold hands Svetlana Sarlovska, Latvia
He is not for the Money; Attorney Lee, Florida
World's best & so personal Pilot Joe, Canada
At GVI, its like family; Kishan, New York
Worth the Travel Meg, Japan
Intensely passionate to make me see; Anette, South Africa
Mo more Dry Eyes Ruby, Hong Kong
Its Dr.Gulani at every visit Raul, Portugal
8 years later, still knows my name Hunter, New Mexico
Whole family had amazing outcomes Juan, Puerto Rico
Truly the Surgeon's Surgeon Dr.Martin, Australia
An Artist for your vision Michelle, France
Man of Vision Times Union
Bruce Lee of Eye Surgery Dr.Jay, Virgin Isles
Mozart of eye Surgery Dr.Wang, Tennessee
I Salute Dr.Gulani; Dr. Leon, Texas
Amazing experience, Out of the WORLD Brad, Prague
Dr. Magic Judy, Ponte Vedra
The World’s Eye doctor Bay, Vietnam
No eye is "Routine"! Carl, Cuba
Corrected my surgeon’s complication; Ann, Saudi Arabia
Master Surgeon, Teacher, Visionary Dr. Aphorn, Thailand
Impatient to share his expertise Dr. Mike, London
His VISION has no limits Rafael, Brazil
Terrific Surgeon-Caring Human Yadav, Singapore
No Fluff, No Hype- The real thing! Jolstein, Norway
An Inspiration for all Nora, Switzerland
If it can be done, he can do it; Mel, Alaska
Eye surgeon of Movie stars; Lorrie, California
Only Dr.G for my eyes Martha, Hawaii
He is Number ONE Deane Beman, PGA tour
daVinci of eye surgery Susan, Germany
No deals, No games, Pasion unleashed; Dickie, Miami
High Tech & High Touch; Officer Barry, Boston
A Beacon in Medicine; Allan, Chicago
Indebted forever Caesar, Mexico
Dr.GQ, Elegance in VISION Eric, DC

Through Their Eyes 3


 More Real Patients' Posts on


Meet the man behind everyone's smile. People from all over the world came for Dr's Gulani's inovative advance surgery techniques. Dr. Arun C. Gulani , you are the best!! - Swagatika Tripathy






Had a very bad complication. Scarring from a bad Lasik and Dr.Gulani corrected the scarring and I no longer have the scarring and people have come from all over the world this week. Very happy and blessed - Melissa Kay







Carolyn Loyd





He changes people lives. I'm now seeing 20/20 He treats patients from all over the world with complex cases ! I am very thankful Thank you Dr Arun C. Gulani - Joseph Mehrtens




Not a candidate? There is no such thing! Even though I had dry eyes, astigmatism, and a thin cornea he was able to correct my eyes to better than 20/20. This is because he customized a surgery just for me. There is no cookie cutter here! - Stacy Worley






Pilgrimage to GVI!
Day 1 after my complex cataract surgery. My surgery was complex because I had RK surgery in the 1980s. The cuts were so horrible no other eye doctor wanted to touch my eyes. Here I am day after my surgery and I'm hopeful I'll see so much better! People come here from all over the world. I am happy to have found Dr. Arun C. Gulani and appreciate his dedication. - Terri Stoleson




Jacksonville Florida, the home of a doctor that is light years ahead of his time. He not only restores clarity of vision that has been lost over time but also repairs damage done by other techniques that failed or were botched! - Mercy Carvajal






Today Dr. Arun C. Gulani, world renowned eye surgeon, performed a custom-designed procedure to correct Don's blurred vision, a result of previous eye surgeries. We are optimistic the results will be positive. - Brenda Greene Trimble








It's him ALL the WAY!
I came to Dr. Arun C. Gulani about 4 years ago with extreme dryness. Everytime I come I see Dr. Gulani not his assistant and not only that he sees patients from all over the world. He has also done a unique laser procedure where he brought my vision to 20/20. Thank you Doc! - Maxine Bowman





Savannah high fiving Dr. Gulani! She's thanking him for making Papas vision 20/20. Despite a complex case! He always has time to discuss his vision with us. Why can't other optometrists be like him? He is very innovative and trying to teach others to strive for perfection!! We only see Dr Gulani not an assistant!! No waiting either! - Ginger Gray





BOTCHED! Where do the botched up cases of "leading" eye surgeons fly to? Straight to Dr.Arun Gulani who takes "BOTCHED" to perfection! While I was there, I encountered cases of high medical complexity and Dr. Arun Gulani restored vision to perfection! - Mercy Carvajal

George and Suzanne with the awesome cataract specialist Dr. Arun C. Gulani after George's surgery. George is resting tonight before his follow-up appt tomorrow morning. - Suzanne Tower










This is a picture at Gulani Vision Institute on the 1st day following my 2nd very complicated surgeries. Dr. Gulani has an international practice, treating complicated problems. The man behind me was given no hope until he met Dr. Gulani. The man on the left was here to repair an unsuccessful surgery. These are all patients that flew in from all over the world. - Nancy Altman





And how many of the worlds greatest eye surgeons pick up the phone at 10:15 pm at night and drop everything for one of his thousands of friends/clients worldwide. Who has built a global practice one handshake at a time? Arun C. Gulani that's who. We are lucky to have this man and his family in our community. #changinglivesoneeyeatatime  - Bill Hughes





"Performance, Passion, & Consistency."
So thrilled that I have 20/20 vision after such a complicated surgery. Other doctors said that it couldn't be done but here I am with perfect vision. Thank you Dr. Gulani!!!! - Deborah Manahay







Top gun of eye surgery Dr. Arun C. Gulani!! My husband had undergone multiple failed eye surgeries and met many doctors that said there was no hope. Then we met Dr Gulani who planned so extensively and intensely. Today is day 1 post op and my husband is nearly 20/20 from counting fingers! We couldn't be more happier with the results! - Monica Wilson

— feeling thankful

Late post.....eye before and after surgery Torn bags, dissolved cataracts and multiple retinal surgeries with abnormal cornea" . Train wreck to Perfecction with Arun C Gulani". - Monica Wilson







Performance with Passion. Can you believe that this Dr Gulani's office. I've had multiple failed surgeries and it left me with one eye. Dr Gulani helped me bring that eye to 20/20 even after no eye doctor wanted to do anything to help. I had to pinch myself to believe that such a sought after surgeon could still be personal enough to treat me like family. Thank you Dr. Gulani - Carolyn Graham





Melissa Kay

Uncharted Waters!!!
I understand how to be responsible for people in dangerous situations. I came to Dr. Arun C. Gulani because I understood that he takes cases that many other eye surgeons will not take! The first picture is what Dr. Gulani was looking at while he was performing cataract surgery. How do you find your way around through the eye looking through something like that? At the beginning of the surgery he was speaking to me in a commanding tone of voice, telling me to hold my eye still. I recognized that tone of voice. I use it myself when I am going to do something dangerous at sea and I need my crew to listen and understand quickly what we need to do to get through the situation. Sometimes in adverse situations we cannot see all we need to see; things are obscured by rain, fog, crashing seas, or other events. We start performing instinctively, relying on our training. We feel the fear but we overcome it and push through it with courage and confidence in our abilities and training. Dr. Gulani takes cases most will not take - that takes courage and confidence. Today I have 20/20 vision. Dr. Gulani strives for not just correction, but perfection! - Glenn Croft

 Dr. Gulani "A MAN ON A MISSION!" One day later and my dad is doing fantastic after his surgery. Dr. Gulani knew exactly what to do and was expert at explaining and performing precisely what needed to be done. And everyone knows how my dad can be lol ;) #dadcanseeclearlynow #awesome #socool - Deanna Smith





Another Arun C. Gulani color released today!
Just back from Chicago where he shared his vision of the future for eye surgery and his fashion line. He's just performed new surgery on my mother as I am recovering from my complex Cataract surgery. We are so lucky to have a world famous surgeon right here in Florida. Designing more than vision. - Karen O'Brien





Just had cataract surgery with this amazing Doctor and I can see!! I was so bad I couldn't see signs or faces! My quality of life was limited. I can't wait until next Wednesday when I get my other eye done. I feel so fortunate that I found Dr. Gulani! He is the warmest and most talented doctor. - Debbie Gottlieb





Chris Dahlgren

Patients have landed here at the world destination for their repairs just as I have done.
I have traveled and was told that I was not able to have any surgery done on my eye except for corneal transplant. And then Dr. Gulani performed a miracle. I now see 20/20!! Even after returning from the academy he still finds the time to sit down with us. Thank you Dr. Gulani we appreciate you. - Harold Odell Skipper







Dr. Gulanis' vision Institute not only changed Johnnie's life, but it changed his vision for his entire lifetime. Dr. Gulani had patience to do a surgery that other surgeons would deem impossible. With the grace of God and his angels Johnnie came with better vision and matching Dr. Gulanis other passion-Fashion. We were blessed to have such a brilliant eye surgeon. Thank You Dr. Gulani!!!! - Br'Yana Wilson







I was told that I was not a candidate! My dream was to join the United States Coast Guard. Dr. Gulani not only stepped up to the plate, he was with me every step through the gate of repairing my vision. I made a promise to be the best at what I do when I'm in the Coast Guard. He dares to go forward when other surgeons hold back. - David Purcell







Blinding corneal scar to clarity in minutes after my laser scar removal with Dr. Arun C. Gulani; when every Eye surgeon told me that only a transplant can save my eye. Many pts. like me were here today from renowned institutes accross the country to undergo the Gulani magic! - Jackyl VonSherman







Dr. Arun Gulani is the best and most caring Dr. We are all here celebrating the great vision that we have because of this man....thank you Dr. Gulani! - Carolyn Graham








Just seconds after surgery I can see without glasses! I am what they consider a difficult and impossible case. I have been wearing bifocals since I was 6 months old with extreme far sightedness squint and irregular stigmatism. Dr. Arun C. Gulani is the only doctor who said that he could help me. He spent hours planning my surgery and I am happy to say it was a complete success. Patients come from all over the country because of his expertise with cases no one else will or can tackle. From consult to post op, Dr. Gulani and staff treat you like family. Thank you Dr. Gulani for giving me a previous gift! - Stacy Blount






Dry Eyes, No more!
After years of tennis, today was my first game without dry eyes. I saw multiple doctors who could not provide relief until I saw Dr. Arun C. Gulani who designed a special dry eye treatment for me and relieved me of years of dry eyes. Be careful of the dry eye gimmicks out there. Seek the Master. - Myrle Robinson








The REAL thing: from one craftsmen to another! Here's my husband presenting Dr. Gulani with his handcrafted knife.
I came to Dr. Arun C. Gulani with a HUGE pterygium that was starting to blind me! We did our own research and found other doctors who would take us with hesitancy and their procedure would require stitches. After months of research we found Dr. Gulani who had cases similar to ours. We came for our first consult and he himself spent time to explain and answer all our questions. He removed my pterygium with NO stitches!!!! I now see 20/20 and all my scarring is gone. We just came back for our one month visit and Dr. Gulani examined my husband himself! Everything looks perfect. We could not be happier! - Laura Silver





Visit to My Extraordinary Eye Surgeon!
Can you believe I am at the world's greatest eye surgeon's office and as always I feel like it's a family visit!!! I can now see!!! Thank you Dr. Arun C. Gulani
 - Nick Scicluna