He has gold heart, gold hands Svetlana Sarlovska, Latvia
He is not for the Money; Attorney Lee, Florida
World's best & so personal Pilot Joe, Canada
At GVI, its like family; Kishan, New York
Worth the Travel Meg, Japan
Intensely passionate to make me see; Anette, South Africa
Mo more Dry Eyes Ruby, Hong Kong
Its Dr.Gulani at every visit Raul, Portugal
8 years later, still knows my name Hunter, New Mexico
Whole family had amazing outcomes Juan, Puerto Rico
Truly the Surgeon's Surgeon Dr.Martin, Australia
An Artist for your vision Michelle, France
Man of Vision Times Union
Bruce Lee of Eye Surgery Dr.Jay, Virgin Isles
Mozart of eye Surgery Dr.Wang, Tennessee
I Salute Dr.Gulani; Dr. Leon, Texas
Amazing experience, Out of the WORLD Brad, Prague
Dr. Magic Judy, Ponte Vedra
The World’s Eye doctor Bay, Vietnam
No eye is "Routine"! Carl, Cuba
Corrected my surgeon’s complication; Ann, Saudi Arabia
Master Surgeon, Teacher, Visionary Dr. Aphorn, Thailand
Impatient to share his expertise Dr. Mike, London
His VISION has no limits Rafael, Brazil
Terrific Surgeon-Caring Human Yadav, Singapore
No Fluff, No Hype- The real thing! Jolstein, Norway
An Inspiration for all Nora, Switzerland
If it can be done, he can do it; Mel, Alaska
Eye surgeon of Movie stars; Lorrie, California
Only Dr.G for my eyes Martha, Hawaii
He is Number ONE Deane Beman, PGA tour
daVinci of eye surgery Susan, Germany
No deals, No games, Pasion unleashed; Dickie, Miami
High Tech & High Touch; Officer Barry, Boston
A Beacon in Medicine; Allan, Chicago
Indebted forever Caesar, Mexico
Dr.GQ, Elegance in VISION Eric, DC

High Tech, High Touch!

Worldwide Patients With GulaniVision!

Where in the world would you expect to see your eye surgeon (and known to be the world’s best) who actually greets you as you arrive (does not matter whether you flew 40 thousand miles or just walked across the street), personally sees you answers all your questions, treats you like family, performs your surgery to the highest level he sets for the world and then follows up with you personally--- a friend for life.

Our patients reciprocate Dr.Gulani’s passion for them by doing fun stuff and Dr.Gulani Obliges all of them 
Whether its patients who fly into Florida just to say Hi! After their successful surgery or patients who bring their families to see their “Amazing” eye doctor and get pictures and videos with him to show off to their friends.

Whether it is Dr.Gulani who may sit down and share his lunch with you or have you participate in one of our Staff’s birthday celebrations or surprise you with a gift on your graduation or whether its patients who want Dr.Gulani to inspire their children, ride their motorbike, start the ignition of their new car, have exotic birds positioned on his head for a fun picture, its just another normal day at Gulani Vision Institute.


This can extend to Dr.Gulani calling you as he lands in your neck of the wood while teaching all over the world and takes you and your family out to dinner Admist, ground breaking innovations, outstanding results, personalized care and dedicated follow through; such fun events are what patients from all over the world have fondly called “Only at Gulani Vision!”

(Dr. Gulani had dinner with Meg in Japan, while he was teaching at the World Conference in Tokyo. Meg had just returned to Tokyo after her Advanced Lasik with Dr. Gulani in Jacksonville, Florida.)

In today's time and age where doctors are known as “Providers” and patients “Clients”; “Cookie-Cutter” surgery has unfortunately become the norm and outcomes often mediocre. Add to this, all the advertising hype and patients are misled into techniques which may not be best for them but offered since that is all the surgeon may be limited to.

Personally greeted and cared for by one of the world’s most sought after and reputed eye surgeons who is so dedicatedly involved in each patient’s planning, surgery and care is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

This difference can be summarized briefly into:


  • Credentials: World renowned Eye Surgeon, Arun C. Gulani, M.D., M.S. is American Board Certified and was listed by Goldline research in FORBES among Top Ten Laser Eye Surgeons in the USA. Former Chief of Lasik and Cornea and Assistant professor at University of Florida, he is Founding Director and Chief Surgeon of Gulani Vision Institute.
  • Ability: Full range of Lasik, Cataract & Laser Vision surgeries including combinations and complication correction, raising eye surgery itself to an ART.
  • Reputation: Surgeon, Teacher, Innovator, Author and Industry consultant Worldwide


  • Surgical: Access to cutting edge technology due to international privileges & often years ahead of peers in the nation
  • Diagnostic: Quantitative and Qualitative Vision testing technologies to Custom-Design surgery to each eye individually.
  • Evaluative: Post- Surgical vision outcome analysis and optical correlates.

Customer Service:

  • Dr.Gulani “All the way”: Initial consult, pre-op, surgery and post op visits with Dr. Gulani himself.
  • Personal Touch: GVI Staff & Dr.Gulani involved in your entire care, surgery & follow up
  • Access: You & your family anywhere in the world can access Dr.Gulani (You have his cell phone number)


With such a “No-Nonsense” “No –Hype” approach to medicine and business, Dr. Gulani has raised the bar in vision and patient expectations keeping safety and integrity in mind.

Besides Dr. Gulani’s influence on the world of eye surgery in raising the bar and selflessly sharing his knowledge with colleagues globally; in this section of the website you shall see his inspirational personality in “Changing Lives”.

Only at Gulani Vision Institute does a world famous and busy surgeon have all the time in the world to sit down with each patient and review all questions while making a custom-tailored plan, to receive patients who fly into Jacksonville to share their ecstasy with their new “Gulani Vision”, their post –surgery achievements in their profession or just wanting to hug their beloved doctor and get a picture with him to show off to their friends and families.

Some patients have even had the privilege of sharing in his lunch. Having travelled thousands of miles to seek Dr.Gulani’s expertise and returning not only with their “Gulani Vision” but a friend for life.

With his passion to help people see beyond 20/20 and a desire to treat every patient like family; get ready for your own “Gulani Vision” Experience!

"High Touch" in Action: Dr. Gulani With Worldwide Patients