Customized Cataract Surgery

Just like a camera, your eye has a natural lens, which normally is crystal clear. Over time, with age, this lens becomes cloudy and opaque and forms a cataract

A cataract lens doesn’t allow light to pass through like it did when it was transparent. This causes blurry vision, and if not treated, will eventually cause blindness. In fact, cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide.

As a comprehensively trained eye surgeon, Dr. Gulani has performed many cataract surgeries at all levels of complexity and has designed new instruments for this and other eye surgeries. This further enhances his patient’s outcomes. In fact, for some patients who have already had cataract surgery, Dr. Gulani can perform laser vision surgery on that eye to give them their best possible vision.

How Do Cataracts Develop?

Cataracts are usually age-related. The lens is composed mainly of water and proteins. As we age, the protein molecules can start to clump together, forming little opacities which block light from passing through the lens on to the retina.

The small opacities cause blurry vision, dulling of colors, and difficulty with night vision. Your glasses or bifocals become less helpful. In some instances cataracts can be caused by an eye injury, some diseases or some medications. If you are noticing that your vision deterioration is starting to limit your activities and enjoyment of life, perhaps it is time to call or email our office for a personal consultation.

How Cataract Surgery Works

The only option to clear your vision from a cataract is to replace the cloudy lens with an artificial lens, and this will restore your vision and your quality of life.

No needles, No Patch & No Stitch Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery is one of the most common outpatient surgeries performed. Dr. Gulani performs cataract surgery with no needles or shots, no stitches, no patch and also, no hospital stay.  He uses sophisticated and computerized phacoemulsification  technology (Ultra sound energy), along with his invented instruments, to customize the safe removal of your cataract.

After the cloudy lens is removed, it is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). In past years, the IOLs available were monofocal – that is, they were set to focus within a certain distance range, and the person needed glasses to provide clear vision at other distances. Today, that is no longer the case. New generation IOLs offer a broad range of options and benefits.


It is also possible to have astigmatism, along with a cataract and presbyopia. An astigmatic eye has an oval shape like a football, instead of being spherical. This causes blurry vision at all distances. A toric IOL is shaped so as to offset this oval shape. If you have astigmatism, as well as cataracts or presbyopia, Dr. Gulani can perform cataract surgery using the AcrySof® toric intraocular lens to 1) eliminate the cataract that clouds your vision and 2) correct the corneal astigmatism distorting your vision, all at once.

You can read testimonials from some of our cataract patients on our Testimonials page.


Cataracts/Restor Testimonial

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Like a camera, your eye has the ability to zoom so you can focus on near objects, far objects and everything in between. It is the eye’s natural lens, which can change curvature that creates this zooming action. This is called accommodation. When the natural lens is removed in cataract surgery, this zooming ability is lost, along with the natural lens.

However, in 2003, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an accommodating IOL called Crystalens™, and in 2005, approved two multifocal IOLs called ReZoom™ and ReSTOR®. These accommodating and multifocal IOLs now restore the eye’s ability to zoom and focus at different distances.

The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL At Last! An Opportunity For Visual Freedom For most cataract patients, life without reading glasses or bifocals is something they either experienced before presbyopia or they just dreamed about for most of their lives. Today, AcrySof ReSTOR IOL is turning those dreams into reality with its revolutionary lens technology, which is designed to allow patients to see clearly at all distances without bifocals or reading glasses. The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL is now available and delivers a high level of glasses-free vision for cataract patients

Until recently, most patients had their vision improved with a monofocal IOL. Although the quality of their distant vision was excellent, most patients needed reading glasses to see near objects.

AcrySof ReSTOR IOL provides a full range of vision, decreasing the dependency on reading glasses or bifocals. In the clinical study, 80% of patients receiving the AcrySof ReSTOR IOL reported that they never wear glasses for any activities. With the AcrySof ReSTOR IOL they can read a book, work on the computer, and drive a car - day or night - and play golf or tennis with an increased freedom from glasses. In fact, patients were so pleased with their vision, nearly 94% of patients said they would have the AcrySof ReSTOR IOL implanted again, if given the choice.

Ask Dr. Gulani about these new lens options and discover which one may be right for you.

To learn more about cataract surgery and your options, please email us or call our office at 1-888-Lasik-16 or 904-296-7393. We will be happy to arrange a personal consultation for you.

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